TRANSrisk Working Documents, Issue 3: "Structural analysis of the offshore wind innovation system in Poland", December 2017

The 3rd issue of TRANSrisk Working Documents entitled "Structural analysis of the offshore wind innovation system in Poland" has been published.

The issue is authored by Jakub Sawulski from Institute for Structural Research (IBS), and analyses the offshore wind innovation system in Poland. More particularly, the study performs the two first steps of the procedure: the structural analysis and the technology stage of the development analysis. The paper finds that although there are not any offshore wind farms in Poland yet, Polish industry has broad experience in implementing offshore wind projects and can cover a large part of the offshore wind farm investment. However, knowledge area is not a strong point of the innovation system. Also the institutional (political) uncertainty, as well as inadequate public system of support for RES, may be significant barriers for the development of the technology. So far, the Baltic Sea has remained weakly explored in terms of offshore wind deployment. Poland, with its large sea space and good wind and soil conditions, may play a pivotal role in kick-starting the offshore market in this area.

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