Joint CARISMA & TRANSrisk side event at UN Climate Change Conference April 2018 (SB 48), 8 May 2018, Bonn, Germany

Tuesday, 8 May, 2018 - 16:45 to 18:15

CARISMA and TRANSrisk co-organised the "Strengthening institutional capabilities to support implementation of ambitious NDCs" side event at the UN Climate Change Conference April 2018 (SB 48), on 8th of May 2018, in Bonn, Germany.

The goal of the Paris Agreement is to limit the global mean temperature increase to well below 2oC above pre-industrial levels and aim for 1.5oC. For achieving this goal, countries shall prepare, communicate and maintain nationally determined contributions (NDCs). While NDCs are national climate plans, there is scope for country collaboration on design and implementation of NDCs. Moreover, successful design and communication of an NDC does not mean that implementation will be always successful due to capacity limitations or other obstacles for that.

This side event presented examples of creating synergies in the areas of policy transfer, technology transfer and capacity building for stronger institutional capabilities for NDCs, both during the design and implementation stages.

More particularly, innovation policies which support low-emission transition pathways in Kenya were presented in the side event.

Find below the side event's agenda.

A video recording of the side event is available here.

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