Synergies and Conflicts Between Different Energy System Pathways

Synergies and Conflicts Between Different Energy System Pathways

Synergies and Conflicts Between Different Energy System Pathways Reports

Synergies and conflicts between different energy system pathways reports describe how the explored energy system pathways interact with each other.


D4.1 Economic Implications of Climate Change

D4.2 Implications of different “heterodox” mitigation policies

D4.3 Implications of Mitigation Portfolios Based on Stakeholders

D4.4.0 Synergies and conflict of different transition pathways: a general summary

D4.4.1 Health co-benefits associated with different transition pathways

D4.4.2 Socioeconomic Impacts of Air Pollution in the Chilean Metropolitan Area

D4.4.3 Energy Access and Climate Change in Sub-Saharan Africa: linkages, synergies and conflicts

D4.4.4 Energy Requirements and Feasibility of Low-Carbon Development in Africa

D4.4.5 Prospects for Hydropower in Ethiopia: An Energy-Water Nexus Analysis

D4.4.6 Land-use impacts from renewable energy policies

D4.4.7 Employment implications of energy transitions: The case of the European Union between 1995 and 2009

D4.4.8 Macro economic co-benefits and costs: The case of the European Iron and Steel Industry

Policy Briefs

A set of reports featuring policy recommendations derived from TRANSrisk results.


TRANSrisk Policy Briefs, Issue 2: "European climate change mitigation targets: Exploring the potential contribution from behavioural change", December 2017

Scientific Publications

Scientific publications have been presented through numerous scientific conferences, and published in widely recognised scientific journals.

TRANSrisk scientific publications are also archived at the Zenodo repository, and featured in the OpenAIRE platform


Here is a list of TRANSrisk articles in media and relevant platforms.


"Tackling climate change can improve public health" (

"Mitigation implication of sea ice albedo feedback and tipping points in the Arctic" (

"Implications of Permafrost Carbon Feedback for Climate Change Control" (

"Energy for Africa: challenges and opportunities" (

"Land of plenty? Assessing the land use impacts of renewable energy" (

"Ice-free summers in Arctic Ocean could thwart Paris Agreement objectives" (AGU's "GeoSpace" Blog)

Press Release of BC3 regarding the TRANSrisk funded scientific publication "health co-benefits from air pollution and mitigation costs of the Paris Agreement: a modelling study" (BC3 website)

Reaching global warming targets under ice-free Arctic summers requires zero emissions by 2045 (CORDIS website)

TRANSrisk Newsletters

Regular issues of TRANSrisk news.


TRANSrisk Newsletter: Issue #3, June 2016

TRANSrisk Newsletter: Issue #7, April 2017

TRANSrisk Newsletter: Issue #9, October 2017

TRANSrisk Partners' Newsletters

TRANSrisk promotion via partners' newsletters Newsletter, June 2017 Newsletter, August 2017


Here are the events (co-)organised by TRANSrisk


  • EC Lunch Debate: The Role of Behavioural Change and Human Innovation Systems in Mitigation Policies, 7 March 2017, Brussels, Belgium


Here are the events in which TRANSrisk has participated


  • GCAM Community Modeling Meeting, The Joint Global Change Research Institute, 7-9 November 2017, College Park, MD, United States

  • Seminar: Implications of Rapid Arctic Change for Climate Stabilization, 17 May 2016, Oldenburg, Germany

Videos related to the TRANSrisk progress and/or events.



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