TRANSrisk Press Release: December 2016

TRANSition Pathways and RISK Analysis

for Climate Change Mitigation and

Adaptation Strategies

Press Release December 2016

TRANSrisk is an exciting new EU Horizon 2020 project studying the risks and uncertainties that lie ahead as we transition to a low carbon world. Our work examines the technical, economic and social feasibility of potential low carbon transition pathways. The project’s outputs will help countries develop NDCs that complement socio-economic goals and assess risks and uncertainties associated with their potential pathways.

New Report on TRANSrisk Case Studies

TRANSrisk has conducted 15 case studies that explore the transition to low-carbon economies. The implemented work includes 14 country level case studies, as well as one on global & regional level. In each country the Technological Innovation Systems scoping matrix has been used, in order to narrow the area studied, as well as to identify potential interactions between the socioeconomic sectors and the natural environment (resources). The four conventional sectors of the circular economy identified are the:

     ⇒ energy system,

     ⇒ agriculture and food system,

     ⇒ buildings system, and

     ⇒ transport system.

Moreover, two additional sectors were included, namely, the service sector (health, education and tourism) and manufacturing sector. All case studies explore the energy system as a starting point and include other socioeconomic sectors and resources to explicitly identify interactions that would not be typically explored when studying the energy innovation system.

Download the report and find more about our case studies.

Introduction and Summary

Country case study context overview

Global and Regional Contexts on Climate Change

Austria - Steel & Iron Sector and Energy Production

Canada - Oil Sands

Chile - Renewable Energy

China - Construction Sector

Greece - Solar Power, Buildings, and Micro-Generation & Storage

India - Solar & Wind Energy

Indonesia - Bioenergy

Kenya - Charcoal and Geothermal Sector

The Netherlands - Solar PV & Livestock sector

Poland - Coal and Renewable Energy Sources

Spain - Renewable Energy

Sweden - Road Freight Transport

Switzerland - Nuclear exit

UK - Nuclear Power

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The TRANSrisk project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 642260.

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