D6.1 Stakeholder mapping

D6.1 Stakeholder Mapping

In this opening Deliverable for Work Package 6, we elaborate on the concepts of innovation systems and the role of stakeholders, which are central to later tasks and case study analysis in Work Package 3. The aim of Work Package 6 is to investigate the relationship between innovation dynamics and alternative transition pathways in selected TRANSrisk case studies. To better understand these phenomena, we set out a systematic approach to explore the position of stakeholders in identified value chains, and their interests and capabilities to influence outcomes in transition pathways. Our approach draws from socio-technical innovation systems literature and builds on initial stakeholder analysis in TRANSrisk, developed in D2.3.

Moreover, the Stakeholder Attribute Matrix (SAM) has been conceived as a tool to systematically identify, select and analyse stakeholders and their roles in the transition pathways being explored in the TRANSrisk case studies. In order to stress test the SAM, two pilot implementations in Indonesia and the Netherlands have been done.

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