TRANSrisk Publication on heavy road based transport decarbonisation

Friday, 23 June, 2017 - 18:00

Researchers from TRANSrisk partner Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) have developed an interesting paper entitled "How on earth do we decarbonise heavy road based transport? Assessing the plausible pathways to deep and rapid decarbonisation of road based freight transport".

More particularly, in the paper early results form the Swedish case study are reported. TRANSrisk case study in Sweden explores emerging technologies, the deep structural changes associated with transitions and how they can be governed to realise transition pathways for road freight. Road based freight transport poses a phenomenal technological, societal, entrepreneurial, and governance challenge involving stakeholders across public and private spheres. In the case study a socio-technical approach to explore the interlinked technology, policy, market and societal shifts and combine case study work with workshops that mobilise a wide range of stakeholders from industry, academia and private and public stakeholders is adopted. The context of the case study is presented in TRANSrisk report D3.2 Context of 15 case studies: Sweden - Road Freight Transport.

The paper has been presented at the International Sustainability Transitions Conference 2017 (IST2017) and more information is available here.

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