TRANSrisk Publication on Bioenergy and Sustainability Transitions in a Development Context

Friday, 23 June, 2017 - 18:15

Researchers from TRANSrisk partner Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) have developed an interesting paper entitled "Bioenergy and Sustainability Transitions in a Development context: a comparison for Sweden, Indonesia and Kenya".

More particularly, the paper conducts a comparative analysis across three countries (developed, emerging and developing) where bioenergy has had some significant role through in different social, political and economic contexts: Sweden, Indonesia and Kenya. In each case specific bioenergy markets that have been an object of political and policy attention for several decades have been chosen, namely bioethanol for transport in Sweden, biogas in Indonesia and charcoal in Kenya. Through these case studies comparisons across different energy carriers (liquid, gas, solid), different end-use sectors (transport, community, household) and different scales (national, county, local) have been captured. Furthermore the cases include fuels or applications viewed as modern (bioethanol), transitional (biogas) and traditional (charcoal). The cases are each embedded in a particular socio-technical context in which the formulation of the policies and development strategies has depended on key constituencies promoting either incumbent technologies or challenger technologies (or technical configurations). The context of each case study is presented in TRANSrisk reports D3.2 Context of 15 case studies: Sweden - Road Freight Transport, D3.2 Context of 15 case studies: Indonesia - Bioenergy, and D3.2 Context of 15 case studies: Kenya - Charcoal and Geothermal Sector.

The paper has been presented at the International Sustainability Transitions Conference 2017 (IST2017) and more information is available here.

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