Interview on the TRANSrisk case study in Chile

Thursday, 22 June, 2017 - 17:30

TRANSrisk partner Clapes UC has given an interesting interview regarding energy poverty in Chile.

The interview was given to journalist Cristina Espinoza from the newspaper La Tercera and features insights from the TRANSrisk case study in Chile. More particularly, in the article the problem of energy poverty is highlighted, since 15.7% of the country's households is exposed to energy vulnerability. Moreover, this amount is estimated to reach 20% due to the expected rise of the electricity price.

The article and an interestng infographic are available online here (in Spanish).

More information regarding the context of the TRANSrisk case study in Chile is available in TRANSrisk report "D3.2 Context of 15 case studies: Chile - Renewable Energy". 

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