Towards an energy programme in Asia: challenges, opportunities and approaches, SEI Science Forum 2017, 30 May 2017, Bangkok, Thailand

Tuesday, 30 May, 2017 - 04:30 to 14:00

Researchers from TRANSrisk partner Stockholm Environment Institute (SEI) participated at the session "Towards an energy programme in Asia: challenges, opportunities and approaches" in the 2017 SEI Science Forum, in Bangkok, Thailand, on 30th May 2017.

At this session outcomes from the TRANSrisk case study on bioenergy in Indonesia were presented, and particularly a socio-institutional analysis of household biodigesters in Indonesia.

The Indonesian case study explores the use of biodigesters in households in order to produce bioenergy from agricultural residues. More particularly, until now four innovation system value chains have been identified where agricultural residues with the greatest potential in Bali and East Java can be used to produce bioenergy:

  1. Biogas cooking fuel from rice residues, animal manure and household waste;
  2. Biogas-generated electricity from rice residues and animal manure;

  3. Biomass pellets from rice residues;

  4. Bioethanol from sugarcane bagasse and Napier grass.

More details on the Indonesian case study are available at TRANSrisk report D3.2 Context of 15 case studies: Indonesia - Bioenergy.

More details on the event are available here.

Key outcomes from the 2017 SEI Science Forum can be watched live either from the video below, or through youtube here.

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