TRANSrisk Press Release December 2018: Publishing of Open Access Book in Springer

TRANSition Pathways and RISK Analysis for Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation Strategies

Issue #12 December 2018

As TRANSrisk is coming to its end, a series of scientific publications have been and will be issued. These publications summarise TRANSrisk outcomes by either examining the uncertainties underlying various strategies for a low-carbon future, or presenting innovative methodologies and tools that support robust energy and climate policymaking. We hope TRANSrisk outcomes will support policymakers to better understand the risks and uncertainties involved in low-carbon transition and to develop more robust climate change mitigation & adaptation policies.

TRANSrisk Open Access Book in Springer

Understanding risks and uncertainties in energy and climate policy: Multidisciplinary methods and tools towards a low carbon society

This open access book analyses and seeks to consolidate the use of robust quantitative tools and qualitative methods for the design and assessment of energy and climate policies.

In particular, the book examines energy and climate policy performance and associated risks, public acceptance and portfolio analysis in climate policy, and presents methods for evaluating the costs and benefits of flexible policy implementation, as well as new framings for business and market actors. In addition, it discusses the development of alternative policy pathways and the identification of optimal switching points, drawing on concrete examples to do so. Finally, this special edition discusses climate change mitigation policies' implications for the agricultural, food, building, transportation, service and manufacturing sectors.

The book is freely available for download here.


The TRANSrisk project has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 642260.

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