TRANSrisk Policy Lunch "Paris in Practice: Understanding the Risks and Opportunities", 6 November 2018, Brussels, Belgium

Tuesday, 6 November, 2018 - 12:30 to 16:30

TRANSrisk will host its Policy Lunch "Paris in Practice: Understanding the Risks and Opportunities" on November 6th 2018 in Brussels, Belgium. The event will summarise the work carried out in the 3 years of TRANSrisk's implementation and present its major outcomes.

More particularly, in the event significant outcomes of TRANSrisk will be presented such as the novel assessment framework, and the accompanying decision support toolbox, which aim to assist policy and other decision makers to evaluate low carbon technology options in order to achieve transition to low carbon societies. The event's perspective will be to highlight how can TRANSrisk's outcomes be applied both by policy makers as well as by practitioners.

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