Dissemination TRANSrisk Publications

Working Documents

A set of reports mainly laying a sound basis on which policy options can be formulated. For example, working documents may present methodologies, tools or indicators and empirical data.


Scientific Publications

Scientific publications have been presented through numerous scientific conferences, and published in widely recognised scientific journals.

TRANSrisk scientific publications are also archived at the Zenodo repository, and featured in the OpenAIRE platform


Here is a list of TRANSrisk articles in media and relevant platforms.


European Office of Cyprus News, Issue January 2016

"Livestock farming transition pathways in the Netherlands" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"Uncertainties and Risks for Climate Policy – a review" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"MATISE – System Mapping Tool" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"Assessing pathways for rapid solar PV expansion in the Netherlands" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

Coal Generation in Great Britain: The pathway to a low-carbon future

"Consider stakeholder preferences and knowledge for low-emission transition pathways" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"Evaluation of Indonesian transition pathways in biogas utilisation" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"Model runs for low-emission pathways based on stakeholder questions" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"New coal-fired plants jeopardise Paris Agreement" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"Tackling climate change can improve public health" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

Road freight transport decarbonisation in Sweden by 2030

"Mitigation implication of sea ice albedo feedback and tipping points in the Arctic" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"Implications of Permafrost Carbon Feedback for Climate Change Control" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"Energy for Africa: challenges and opportunities" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"Land of plenty? Assessing the land use impacts of renewable energy" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"Expert assessment of risks in climate change mitigation pathways" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"Guiding the low-carbon transition with evidence-based policy tools" (European Commission's website)

"A successful collaboration for green businesses and bioenergy in Indonesia" (European Commission's website)

"What will Brexit mean for the climate? (Clue: it doesn’t look good)" (The Conversation UK website)

TRANSrisk mention (MEDEAS project website)

"Nearly half a million homes in Chile suffer energy vulnerability" (LaTercera website - Interview in Spanish)

"Ice-free summers in Arctic Ocean could thwart Paris Agreement objectives" (AGU's "GeoSpace" Blog)

Radio Interview of Mikel González Eguino regarding the comparison of health co-benefits from air pollution and mitigation costs of the Paris Agreement (EITB website - in Spanish)

Press Release of BC3 regarding the TRANSrisk funded scientific publication "health co-benefits from air pollution and mitigation costs of the Paris Agreement: a modelling study" (BC3 website)

Reaching global warming targets under ice-free Arctic summers requires zero emissions by 2045 (CORDIS website)

"Exploring Public Acceptance of Renewable Energy in Kenya" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"Concluding the bioenergy workshop series in Bali" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"Electric Road Systems and the European Union" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"The carbon bubble and investment risk – getting capital costs 'right' in Europe’s electricity sector transition" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"Framework for qualitative assessment of side-effects of low-emission transition pathways in livestock farming in the Netherlands" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)

"Are small modular reactors game changers for the UK electricity system?" (Climatechangemitigation.eu)


Here are the events (co-)organised by TRANSrisk



Here are the events in which TRANSrisk has participated


Videos related to the TRANSrisk progress and/or events.



TRANSrisk Infographics visualise key concepts and/or results of the project.


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Flyer, Brochures, Posters, Presentations

Main concepts of TRANSrisk are featured via related dissemination material such as flyers, brochures, posters and presentations.


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